Google My Business is now Business Profile Manager

If you have logged into your Google My Business account recently you may have seen some subtle changes and you may have seen this notice ‘Now manage your Business Profile directly on Google Search & Maps’.


This is because Google My Business (GMB) is now once again evolving and have decided to rebrand the GMB product to Business Profile Manager. The brand changeover won’t be fully complete until 2022 but it’s important to know how the interface and functionality has changed and are these changes for the better… lets take a look.


1. Easier to login

You will no longer need to log into your Gmail account to access your profile and manage it, you’ll now be able to access your account through Google Search or Google Maps. All you need to do is search for your business in the search bar of Google Search or Google Maps and scroll down until you see your business on Google. From here you’ll be able to manage your business profile a lot easier. Simply search for your business in Google Search just by typing ‘my business’ into the search bar. 

google my business

2. Simpler verification

Verifying or claiming your business is so much easier now. This can be done using your mobile phone number instead of waiting for your postcard in the mail. The verification code will be sent to your phone via an automated message, making the whole process a lot faster. 

3. Performance

In the ‘promote‘ tab, you will see the ‘performance’ tab, this gives you detailed information on how your business is performing on Google. It provides an overview of how people have interacted and searched your business profile, including a device breakdown, whether it be mobile or desktop.  It also tells you calls, messages, bookings, and clicks that have been performed on your profile. This is a great feature for gathering customer intelligence and seeing how they interact with your profile, understanding and knowing this will give you more insight into understanding how to market to them more effectively. 

4. Customer interaction

Now that the accessibility of this product is a lot more streamlined it also means that interacting with your customers is going to be a lot easier too. For instance, in the ‘Customer’ tab you will be able to ask and respond to customer reviews, respond to messages and answer any customer questions. These functions have always been available however they are now more prominent making it easier for you to interact with your customers. 

So whats the good news...

The good news is that in upgrading this product Google has made it a lot more accessible for business owners to manage their profile, interact with their customers and get further insight into performance. So it’s definitely a positive unless of cause sometime in the future they decide to charge for this service, fingers crossed they don’t!