Simple local SEO strategies that you can do!

Local SEO Did you know that local searches account for 46% of all online searches? 

Yep, and that’s exactly what Local SEO is all about, getting found locally and organically…

Essentially local SEO relates to online searches in your local area and is the process of optimising your online visibility on search engines like Google and Bing Places and other online local business directories. When you optimise these elements it means that when people are searching for services in your local area your business is likely to display, meaning more traffic and potentially more business!

Here are a few easy-to-implement strategies to make sure you’re on top of your game…

1. Optimise Business Profile Manager (formally Google My Business)

The biggest search engine is obviously Google so make the most of this free listing tool (while its still free) and ensure that all sections are fully completed. Most people complete the basic details of their profile such as business name, contact details, working hours etc., but then don’t complete the rest. The sections that are most important to complete are:

  • Primary categories & additional categories – make sure you know what your primary category is
  • Description – use keywords and location specific words and try to fill it out as much as possible
  • Complete all details in services or products section – add webpage links for each product or service
  • Photos yes we all love photos, so if you have photos of products, its a good idea to showcase them on your profile

2. List your business on business directories

Citations are business directory listings that display your business name, address and phone number (NAP). The more citations you have, the more touchpoints Google can see your business is listed in more places than one. This gives more weight and legitimacy to your business, which Google loves! When Google sees your NAP on different directories it helps to build your online visibility.


This also goes for other search engines like Bing Places, although the market share of Bing Places is significantly smaller it can’t be overlooked. This has the capability to increase traffic to your website so people can learn about your services.

Building citations helps your website to be found by the right people searching for your services in those locations.


Head over to our resources page for a list of business directories to get started.


TIP: Always complete all sections for your citations making sure your NAP is accurate across all directories this includes commas, full stops, and abbreviations. Your name, address and phone number need to be consistent across all sites, this makes it easier for Google to see you. 

3. Manage your reviews to build your local SEO

Keep a note of where your reviews from Business Profile Manager (formally Google My Business) and other online reviews are coming from. This is because Google establishes geographical locations of reviews, where they are from, so that when someone is searching for a service in a local area or ‘near me’ it can search locality and match the search criteria more accurately and provide the user with search results relevant to that area. 

For instance, if you have 10 reviews coming from one location or suburb then that location will be high in local SEO, however, if your reviews are stretching over an area of 5-15kms from different suburbs, then it’s covering more ground. 

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4. Respond to your reviews

Reviews have loads of benefits, by responding to reviews, it shows Google you are responsive and in turn, rewards you.  But not only that but it completes the feedback loop and shows your appreciation of their business.  It goes without saying that it helps build your online reputation and builds social proofing around your product or service. In short when it comes to responding – it’s a must! Here are just a few reasons why you need to respond. 

  • Google has confirmed that responding to your reviews improves your local SEO
  • Customer care – it shows your customers that you are responsive and that their feedback is appreciated 
  • Shows Google that you are responsive to your customers  
  • Increases brand trust and helps develop brand loyality
  • Allows you to gather customer intelligence and develop a trusting relationship

There are also a few ways you can optimisie your response, if possible, mention a keyword and location and full company name. Use the keyword in your category to build out your response to your customer, confirming product or service (keyword), location (city or state) and your full company name, see the example below.


Dear John, it was a pleasure working on your hot water service (keyword) in Adelaide (location). We really appreciate your feedback and look forward to any further work we can assist you with. A big thank you from the team at Brewers Plumbing. (full company name)


In short

Local SEO is about getting your business found in your local area by helping google match your business to its search enquiry. You can influence Google by managing your profile across different directories, building citations, adding photos and responding to reviews. Adding in keywords, location words and links will also help to further optimise your content. 


Hope your found this article helpful and the strategies provides useful.