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Digital Marketing tools we love...

In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to have a range of digital applications that can help make your workflow easier. While they won’t do the work for you, they will help with your creative output and assist in keeping you organised. 

CANVA – This is one of the most valuable digital tools you could ever use. With 100’s of templates it will help you design anything from brochures to Instagram posts. It is a must for any business!


DISIGN WIZARD – This graphic design tool will help you design loads of graphics. With templates that are second to none it is used by some of the biggest companies in the world. And to top it off it’s Free!!

UPSPLASH – This website houses some of the most inspirational stock images ever. With such a huge selection its hard not to find something that truly inspires you!  


PIXABAY – This site gives you a selection of images, illustrations, sound effects, video’s. It offers so much you’ll be amazed!


PICJUMBO– Looking for something really unique you can’t go past picjumbo!

MAILCHIMP – I have to say I love love love this platform and what it offers. Each template you set up has style and content widgets that are easy to set up once you get the hang of it. It truly is worthwhile learning how to use Mailchimp to keep in contact with your customers. 


SENDINBLUE – This email marketing platform allows you to design your message professionally. With its block and style widgets to personalise your content and lets you choose your recipients all for free!


DRIP – What if your were able to communicate with your customers via email, SMS and social… with this tool you can create  campaigns that run across email, SMS, social and onsite popups, not bad I say. 

GRAMMARLY – is your free personal writing assistant. Fix all your grammatical and spelling errors, check your punctuation.  With Grammarly you can make your sure writing is effective and clear. Install into your chrome browser and your ready to go. 


ZOOM – Communicating online via video conference this is probably the best and easiest way to go – set up is super easy and fast!


LOOM– Record quick videos of your screen and camera and then it will instantly be ready to share and watch – anytime, any place. 

AIR TABLE  – This tools gets you organised with virtually anything and everything. It uses a simple interface that works like a spreadsheet on steroids with every type of grid and filter to make your workflow simpler. 


CLICK UP – Now when it comes to scheudling your workflow forget Google calender or outlook this tool is amazing to use. It has over 5 types of views, the grannt chart is amazing. Forget trying to schedule your marketing in excel, this will do it for you. 

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Is thinking up content and scheduling your social media becoming too hard to do? 

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Is your social media marketing becoming too time-consuming...?

copy writing tips

Write like pro with these writing tips...

Writing content for a website whether it’s for a blog post, or ad copy is about engaging your audience with words.

Use this checklist to make sure your on the right track with your content. 

Think of your target market, what kind of customers are coming to your website and why? What is their search intent? Are they looking for information or buying a product? What sort of issues are you solving for them? 

Write to engage, educate and provoke your customers. Think of how you relate to them, what is it that you want to convey to them that will give them value and inspire them to take action on your website. 

Make it easy to read by making the tone conversational, this makes it sounds less rigid and more open and fluid. Also avoid jargon this can cause confusion when customers are not familiar with your industry, talk in layman’s terms. 

When setting your tone, keep your target market in mind. Are your customers casual or more formal? Write to match your audience. For eg: are they enthusiastic or matter-of-fact; jovial vs. serious? Your tone translates your brand authenticity. 

You want your content to be informative, writing content too brief won’t give your customers enough context to be able to make an informed decision.  Google considers 900 words minimum as content worthy. 

Consumers make purchasing decisions based on the benefits of your products or services. Write in terms of the benefits your product or service will give to them and how it will solve their issues. 

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Growing a business is hard work, it needs constant care and attention, that’s why we think streamlining all things digital makes it easier for you. Building your website with us means we can also look after your hosting and your website maintenance!  

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Is your website working at its best? Or does it need a bit of a tune-up to make it perform better for your customers?

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Do you want to add in more features to your website or fix those issues that keep bugging you? But its taking too long… 

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