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Looking after your website, keeping it updated not to mention hosting can sometimes be a tad bit overwhelming. Here we remove and worry and the hassle…

Manage and protect your digital shopfront

Did you know that when your website is not updated it can impact your rankings on Google, not to mention ruin your customers’ user experience, and can potentially affect your bottom line.


Website maintenance is crucial for your customers user experience and your search page results.

website care plans

Are you looking after your website?

Website maintenance can be a bit of a hinderance for some business owners who have better things to do than, worry about WordPress updates. Our plans are designed to make it as easy and hassle free as possible.  

A website care plan looks after the maintenance of your website, ensuring that your website is healthy and performing at its optimal level. It is the process of updating all your WordPress updates, themes, and all plugins on your website, this includes security and malware scans. Ideally maintenance should be done every 4 weeks. This is a preventative measure that ensures your website is running smoothly.   

Even though you may have your beautifully designed website – there is no set and forget. WordPress is a dynamic platform, they are constantly improving and adding new features to its customer management system (CMS). When maintenance is not done on a regular basis, issues like broken links, page display errors can occur due to software becoming incompatible and therefore not working properly. This affects your search optimisation and gives a negative impression for your customers.

Yes, if updates are not done on a regular basis components on your website become prone to malfunction and therefore open to malicious activity. During the maintenance process malware and security scans are run on your website to ensure there are no security breaches or malicious activity. 

Your website will still be up and running while the updates run in the background, so it does not affect your business. Once done, you will receive a report on what updates were done, analytics, security and performance.


We trust you will review your report, and if you have any questions please let us know. 

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Does your website need a quick fix?

Whether its performance, functionality or design, don’t waste your time trying to mess around with your website. We support our clients with all sorts of website related issues, here are a few of them. 


Have you got your hosting and domain name sorted?

Make your business more productive by having your website managed and hosted all in the one place.  Local hosting means you get technical issues sorted fast, there’s no sitting on the phone for over an hour! 

Website hosting is simply, the space you rent to put your website on the world wide web. This is set up by a hosting provider and when using a local service provider this gives you faster speed and better customer service. 

Using a local server for small business has many advantages. The first major advantage, is the speed loading times of your website are a lot faster for local visitors. Secondly,  customer service can be a timely expense waiting on the phone to do a simple technical thing and it takes forever. Then it can be more frustrating talking to someone in a different country who’s terminology may be different. Speed, time and reliable service are important factors for small business and give you the best advantages.

Domain names usually cost around $20 per year, this can be done at the same time as your hosting. 

  • .com   or  .com.au registration is per year. 
  • for .com.au you’ll need to provide your ABN and business name registration. 


Things can also go wrong at the most inconvenient times and speaking with a technical person who may not understand the issue can be frustrating. This is why I recommend using a provider that is knowledgeable in their field and understands all technical aspects of hosting. When your working with the right provider it saves time delays and issues can be fixed quickly, rather than waiting on the phone for long periods of time. 

cPanel is web hosting software control panel that allows you to manage and set up various aspects your website hosting such as your email addresses, passwords or access basic configurations. It also has another interface that allows the hosting manager access to manage the service for your website. 

In 2014 Google took strict measures to protect privacy for users, ensuring that the data between your web server and browser are private and secure, the SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. 

Next time you type in a URL you’ll see a locked padlock icon that means your website is secure, the URL that starts with https:// – the ‘s’ simply means your website is secure. 


Your website hosting will be encrypted with an SSL certificate which is security technology, the HTTPs stands for -‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure’ and provides a secure connection. 

Hosting Features...

Automatic daily backups for security and protection for your website

cPanel hosting manager 

to manage your email addresses and more

SSL certificate means your website is protected and secure

Local service provider means faster speed time and better tech support

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Growing a business is hard work, there is never enough time this is why we think having everything in the one place makes life easier. Our services are designed to cater for the small business so you can just get on and grow your business, we look after all the little iddy bitty things too. 

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