Website Design Growing Einsteins

Growing Einsteins

Website redesign and onpage & local SEO

The situation

Growing Einsteins was a template website that had limited functionality. Being a template website it did not have much brand personality coming through and was not converting. 

The issue

Much of the information that customers need to make an informed decision about services was hidden in back pages, call to action buttons were limited and no brand personality was evident. Product descriptions were not defined, which made it hard for potential customers to understand the product offering. 

what we did

  • Redesigned and softened brand elements for it to be more palatable and attractive for Julie’s target market.
  • Restructured the menu to incorporate main go-to elements to move customers through to the decision stage a lot quicker and therefore convert. 
  • Redefined product offering so that potential customers clearly understood if these services were what they were looking for. 
  • A huge focus was also on local and on-page optimsiations building out her Google Business Profile to ensure Julie’s website was ranking in her local area and was ranking for keywords. 
  • Social media facebook and instragram posts were designed to build Julie’s brand and product offerings. 

Colour Palette


Headings- Inconsolata

Body Text – Poppins


Finding Website Design Solutions

Getting to know you and your business and what your customers want is the most important part of the conversation.

The original website was built with no on-page SEO which meant that it was impossible for it to rank. Google business profile and citations also had not been implemented and therefore no Google reviews were not being followed up, this was one of the first things we targeted when we commenced work on this website. Helping the client with getting used to Google as much as following up on reviews and building citations to establish her local SEO. 

We really wanted to make sure the website could engage with its viewers by making sure brand elements were soften and products were fully defined so viewers could understand the brand offering. Along with this a testimonial page was included into the main menu to substantiate Growing Einsteins credibility. Along with this call to action buttons and anchor links were added throughout to assist with engagement and optimisation. 

The original website was built on a template it therefore lacked brand elements that could reflect the owners personality. So when defining the brand we looked at their target market and softened the brand colours that had been originally used on the website to be a lot warmer and inviting for parents and new comers to the website. We also looked at copy writing to have a more softer tone so that the Julie’s (owner) personality could shine through to have a more welcoming and inviting tone. 

Maintenance and updates have been scheduled to ensure that the website remains optimised.