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Website design & Basic SEO

The situation

Adore Decor SA was a newly established window furnishing company, for this website design project the owner wanted something that was elegant and simplistic to showcase her product range and illustrate her experience in the industry.

The issue

Being a new business it was clear that this business needed to have a strong value proposition and the branding elements needed to be front and centre.  Being a new site the optimisation would also play a big part in the development of the site. 

what we did

Search results were a major factor so key words were built into all sections on the site, brand elements were also prioritised. For further details click through to the case study of this website design

Colour Palette


Headings- Baskerville

Body Text – Roboto


Finding Website Design Solutions

Getting to know you and your business and what your customers want is the most important part of the conversation.

O-page SEO / Responsive

Within the structure of the website and through the build process SEO elements were configured to target keywords which were also built into the architecture of the website including html headings, meta titles, descriptions, alt image text and content. A huge part of SEO process is to ensure that all elements of the site are built for mobile and device responsiveness. 

Social Proofing

It was important to focus on the user experience to give customers a sense of confidence when dealing with a new business. To do this we built in design elements of social proofing by adding a logo carousel to display above every footer on every page to highlight the companies suppliers, giving customers a sense of confidence of the owners experience.


The value proposition and branding aspects were very important in the design process, especially since in was a new business. To ensure the brand logo was always dominant on the website the client wanted it front and centre in the header we also build it into the footer making it visible at all times. To further compliment the user experience it was import the header was still able to shrink when scrolling for navigational purposes. A customised favicon was also designed to further enhance the brand elements.

Strengthening user experiencer and organic traffic 

To ensure that the site is kept up to date and that all components remain compatible monthly updates have been scheduled. As the clients business improves a testimonial section will be added to further strengthen social proofing aspects and build customer confidence. The client also wants to ensure that the organic search optimisation continues by building in a blog page so she can provide her clients with tips and tricks within the industry.

Client Satisfaction

Mel from Simpatico is great – in designing my website she was so responsive and timely getting back to me if I had any questions or needed to make changes. Her design sense and willingness to dig down deep to understand my business really exceeded my expectation. Not only was my experience personal and friendly, but Mel was also highly professional and her expertise was greatly appreciated.

Adore Decor SA